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An open-source cookieless feedback gathering platform for low-traffic blogs. Experimenting with custom agregation functions in postgres. Project doesn't look like much, but you can see it being used under posts in my blog.

Java Quarkus QueryDSL Postgres
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Discrepancy Scanner Plugin

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A plugin for large (legacy and/or enterprise) projects, with lots of internal projects and conflicting dependencies. Compares dependencies from the project, where this plugin is involved, with dependencies from other projects on your local machine (if those projects are imported in your project).

Java Maven Maven Plugin
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What year?!

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What year was just 10 years ago? The answer might surprize you! Feeling old has never been easier with this Feeling-Old-As-A-Service page!

Elixir Phoenix

Hackaton submission where I used Microstream to explore corporate ownership structure and find beneficial owners hidden behind layers of proxy companies. The whole project was set in a theme of Batman universe, all so that I could name my main class a "BatMain". Sadly, no one appreciated that joke.

Java Helidon SE Microstream
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Throughout my professional career I had a chance to work on all sorts of NDA-protected Java projects - ranging from 20+ year old legacy monolytic Java EE systems, and all the way until the modern microservices built with the latest Spring Boot versions available. A job is a job, and I approach each of the projects with equal degree of curiosity and professionalism. However, having spent so many years working on the "industry standart" technological stack, I have no interest in doing that in my free time too. That is why you will find no "Hibernate + Spring Boot + Bootstrap" services here in this list.

Java Spring Spring Boot Docker Kafka Kubernetes OpenShift Oracle DB

About me

Programming is my hobby. Software engineering is my job. Will add more later, but if you are interested - my Linkedin profile is always open.